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Need access to a software and can't afford it?. Try looking for it on one of our computers. We offer a number of software, from Adobe Creative Cloud to Apple Xcode.
Unlimited personal cloud storage is available to all students, staff, and faculty via Box.  With Office 365 integration, Box has the tools to edit and author documents collaboratively, and share them with anyone, on any device.
Need access to a piece of software? Need to do it somewhere not on campus, or even a dorm room? Try the Virtual Lab. We work with other colleges to get you the software you need to do your assignments.


Wepa printing kiosks. 38 locations around main campus. Print from any device or your favorite cloud storage (Box, Onedrive, Googledrive, Dropbox, Office 365).
UCFilespace offers a wide assortment of services. From filestorage, to blogs and wikis, to publishing personal web pages, to also accessing a powerful commandline shell for Unix scripting and programming.