Policies And Guidelines
Users are responsible for reading and understanding all of the Policies & Guidelines that follow before using the UCit Computer Labs.

Anyone disturbing other users, abusing or tampering with the equipment or facilities, or violating policies and guidelines will be asked to leave, and may be prohibited from use of the facilities. The University of Cincinnati may take further action against such an individual, as the situation warrents.

All software accessible on the labs' file server is protected by copyright and is furnished to UC under licensed agreements. To comply with the specific terms of site license agreements, UCit uses metering software to limit the simultaneous number of users of any given application. It is unlawful to copy or use this software except in accordance with the terms of the license agreements. Users violating this regulation will be subject to prosecution.
Lab Access
All CURRENTLY Registered Students, Faculty and Staff may access the UCit Computer Labs. Accounts are automatically created within 48hrs of registering for classes; no additional activation of accounts is required.

Students who are not enrolled in classes but require access because they are actively engaged in research must provide a signed letter, on UC letterhead, from their dean or faculty advisor.

Active accounts are provided a grace period of 5 business days at the beginning of each academic term, regardless of eligibility.
Food and Drink
Open food and drinks are prohibited at all times, in order to help maintain the safety and cleanliness of the UCit public computer labs. The only exception to this being the UCit@Langsam 24-Hour Lab, where drinks with lids are allowed. If users are caught with open food and/or drink, they will be asked to throw it away. Users not complying with this policy could be asked to leave the lab immediately and may be subject to loss of their computer lab privileges.
In order to print, a user must have their Bearcat Campus Card or UCID. There are no exceptions.

Students (not Faculty/Staff) who are currently enrolled are given a print quota of at least 100 Black-and-White per quarter. Some colleges (Medical, University) give an additional subsidy to their students. Black and white copies are 7¢ each and color copies are 50¢ each. Once a user runs out of money, they will need to add money to their Bearcat Card. You can do this by going to http://www.uc.edu/bearcatcard/.

Users may have substandard print jobs re-printed. This does not include 'errors' made by the users such as accidentally printing multiple copies, printing the wrong frame in a web document, or spelling errors in a document. Remember it is the user's responsibility to make sure the document is acceptable before printing (use print and review). If you are unsure what is going to be printed when you send a print job, you can always ask the consultant for help.
Currently a user is not restricted to a time limit at a workstation. However, this is subject to change according to management.

The viewing of pornography in the public labs is expressly prohibited, as is all non-academic use. If there are students waiting for workstations and a user is playing games, social networking, etc., then the user will be asked to leave the lab immediately. Note, the user will not be asked to start doing academic work, they will simply be asked to leave the lab. Users not complying with this policy may even lose their computer lab privileges.

Workstations are available on a first come, first serve basis. No reservations will be accepted.

Users are required to logout after they are done using the workstations. In case a user forgets to do so, the workstation will automatically log off after 15 minutes of inactivity. All the documents and files saved by the user will be lost upon logout. Users must save files to external sources (e-mail, flash drive, UCFilespace).
Noise must be kept to a minimum. Neither loud conversations nor radios without headphones are permitted. Cellular phone use is also prohibited. Users are expected to bring their own headphones. Headphones must be inaudible from approximately three feet away, or the user will be asked to lower the volume.
Users are not permitted to open lab cabinets or supply closets. Please contact a consultant if you think supplies need replenished.

Users are not permitted to modify lab hardware in any manner, nor to install software on lab systems. If you have a special request, please see the consultant on duty.

All systems are equipped with at least one form of writable, portable storage. Currently supported formats consist of CDRW drives. Other storage options include flash drives and UCFilespace. Users are not restricted from saving documents or projects locally; however, we offer no assurance that the saved items will remain after the user has logged out.

Users are not premitted to insert physically damaged CDs, DVDs, or flash drives into the computer. If you absolutely need to transfer the information on the disk to another, please ask the consultant for assistance.

Lab phones are for consultants' use only. Lab users should not expect to receive or make calls at the lab. For important calls, the consultant will page the user in the room. If the user is not present, the consultant is not obligated to take a message.
Lab Use
Sleeping is prohibited in all labs at all times. Users who fall asleep will be woken up once, and if found sleeping again will be asked to leave the lab immediately. Repeated violation of lab policies may be referred to the Office of Judicial Affairs.
Group/Silent Study Rooms
The group and silent study rooms in the UCit@Langsam 24-Hour Lab are extensions of the lab, and all lab policies and guidelines must be followed in them. The lights should remain on at all times and the group study room doors will remain locked at all times.

Users wanting to access the group study rooms must reserve them on the UC Labs website. Users not following these rules may be asked to leave the group/silent study room and lab immediately and repeated violations may be referred to the Office of Judicial Affairs.

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